Since the publication of Volume One of the Engaging Multiple Personalities Series, I have put up many blog posts. Some are in response to questions from readers, some in response to questions from members of different Facebook groups focused on the DID community. Several of the posts have been included in some way or another in Volumes Two and Three.

My blog is a free resource available at However, it is sometimes difficult to find what one is looking for within the several years of posts.

In order to try to make the material accessible to all those in the DID community, both diagnosed individuals and their support network, all the blog posts have been compiled into this single volume. The Table of Contents lists all of the posts, which have been grouped in different categories. This Volume 4 is downloadable for free as an ebook or pdf from my website. It is available in print through Amazon at cost.

It is my hope that in publishing the blog material in this way, the approach that arose as a result of the hard work of my patients on their healing journeys reaches out further to benefit an ever wider audience of those in need.